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 Post subject: NEW in Chrome Peeler distro: black metal, free jazz, doom
PostPosted: Fri Jun 21, 2024 10:07 am 

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NEW items in the distro @


BAL is a one man band from Hungary making hostile and misanthropic mid-tempo DSBM. ISSFLL plays a solemn, melodic mix of raw atmospheric BM, blackgaze and post-BM. Much of the music's texture is incredibly harsh, even corrosive, made all the more so when the tremolo BM guitars are contrasted against a second, clean-toned guitar or bass on a number of tracks. As the BM guitars are burning-acid in tone, so the vocals are raspy to the point of ghastly ghost creepiness.


Braxton and Robair's intricate, layered approaches to playing complement each other on this collection of innovative avant-jazz sax/percussion duets. The two musicians extract maximum variety from the duo format which are not only stimulating and somewhat challenging, but also surprisingly lyrical and even elegant.


A darkened tunnel of black metal chaos. Swarming feral guitars, blown out bass and washed out vocals disintegrate into a kaleidoscope of horrific sonic madness.

LUNA MORTUUS – “Truly Worse Than Hell” CD

An oppressive, funeral-paced, lo-fi descent into DSBM. Vocals are low in the mix, forming part of the wall of sound from this album, and are echoing and fading heavily distorted shrieks, making the lyrics completely unintelligible, but the sound is so dark, twisted and evil that it doesn't matter, it is the perfect sound.


Formed in 1987, The Splatter Trio became the West Coast version of John Zorn's various New York Downtown bands. Freed of the NY sphere of influence, its music was always a bit less serious-minded. The trio was very comfortable switching between Braxton, The Minutemen, and world music. Using material recorded from their US tour and various studio dates, Splatter deconstructed the recordings down to their component parts (solos, duos, themes, etc.) reassembled them, overdubbed and layered more parts, and eventually sliced and diced it up with a computer editing system. If you are interested in fascinating textures, complex rhythms, an adventurous sort of improv-core marked only by the use of guitar and saxophone, and/or cutting edge electro-acoustic music, then you can't miss this.

WHOM SHALL I SEND, AND WHO WILL GO FOR US? HERE I AM! SEND ME! – “We Stand So Fragile Against The Cruelty Of Creation” CD

Raw, jagged, horrifying blasts of death metal with flensing, blackened riffs, blasting drums, and voracious low-end vocals vibrating waves of dread, hopelessness, and anguish. For fans of haunting emotional wreckage and crazed, scorching riffs.

THE WORLD IS A VAMPIRE - "Trenchsewer b/w Heartshorn" LP

Masterful melding of genres feat. Bryan from Thou, KC from Thou/Treadles, Clayton of Heat Dust, Scott from Secret Passage, Michael from Silver Dodling, and Rachel of Bitchface. Vocals are howled in a black metal style, while the music lurches and stomps with a wailing, feedback-drenched wall of sonic delight. Ratcheting-it-up into a hardcore style assault when needed; and dropping-in ear-pleasing melodic turns when least expected. Absolutely fantastic ugly punk for these times.

Don’t forget that you can buy the complete Chrome Peeler Rec digital discography (28 releases) for $4.90!

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