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restock: THE WORLD IS A VAMPIRE "Trenchsewer" LP (thou)
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Author:  chromepeelerrec [ Fri May 24, 2024 1:00 pm ]
Post subject:  restock: THE WORLD IS A VAMPIRE "Trenchsewer" LP (thou)

restocked in the Chrome Peeler Rec distro @ ... shorn-lp-2

About the record:
THE WORLD IS A VAMPIRE - "Trenchsewer b/w Heartshorn" LP
Masterful melding of genres feat. Bryan from Thou, KC from Thou/Treadles, Clayton of Heat Dust, Scott from Secret Passage, Michael from Silver Dodling, and Rachel of Bitchface. Vocals are howled in a black metal style, while the music lurches and stomps with a wailing, feedback-drenched wall of sonic delight. Ratcheting-it-up into a hardcore style assault when needed; and dropping-in ear-pleasing melodic turns when least expected. Absolutely fantastic ugly punk for these times.

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