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 Post subject: Selling some stuff
PostPosted: Sun Dec 07, 2014 2:56 am 

Joined: Sun Apr 29, 2012 2:04 pm
Posts: 120
Consider each item or order as "let's make a deal." I'll work out the fairest price I can on anything. Willing to make shipping deals if you want a bunch of stuff, but can't go in the hole as I badly need the money. Pictures of each item available on request. Lots of hard to find Life Abuse Releases, Sloth LPs and 7"s, and much much more. Going to add a ton more stuff this time.

Prefer paypal. Will discuss if you want to order. Email:

I won't fuck you over. You can count on it.


Agathocles/Black Army Jacket - Split 7" (Deaf American Recordings) Mint. Obscene grindcore from the legendary Agathocles, and disgust-o hard core grind/metal from Black Army Jacket.

Ambassador Gun - Rich 7" (Minor Bird Records) Tech-y hardcore, noise-rock and punk. Mint.

Anodyne/Defcon 4 - Split 7" (Ammonia Records) Escape Artist alumni Anodyne bring their twitchy, progressive noise metal up against Defcon 4's visceral filthy sludge/punk/noise-rock. Mint condition.

Attitude - To Whom it May Concern 7" (We Bite, original 1988 press) Very, very good, just light wear to artwork. Punk/hardcore with a no holds barred approach.

Bitchslicer - Addicted to Porn 7" Purple (Rusty Axe) Death metal mixed with punk and mania. Mint.

Bobbycock/Wally - Split 7" (Ghetto Cat Records) A split outing of grind, punk and hardcore. Mint.

Crossface/Schnauzer - Split 7" (Shifty Records) Ohio's thrash/grind legends Schnauzer vs. straight up, old school hardcore maniacs Crossface. Mint condition.

Every Day Sinners - William Tell Burroughs 7" (Wantage USA) Punk rock.

Goddammitboyhowdy - Is Rez Punk 7" (Minor Bird Records) Really good punk with a rock n' roll edge.

Hellmouth/Explode and Make Up - Split 7" (Underground Comm) Cool split 7". Punk. Hellmouth does a pretty good Agent Orange cover.

Iskra - Terrorist Act 7" (Unrest Records) Violent, hardcore punk with metal influences. Mint.

Mission of Burma - Dirt/Falling 7" (Matador) Good condition but missing sleeve. Vinyl and jacket are mint. Indie stuff. Not my cup of tea. Maybe yours!

The Preschoolers - Angela 7" (Reptillian Records) Rock, reggae and punk. Mint condition.

Punching Moses/Schnauzer - Split 7" (Shifty Records) Mint. A double header of thrashing grind, punk and death metal insanity.

Sloth/Blob - Split 7" (6 songs with Alessandro drumming, on Shifty Records) Mint. You know who!

Sloth/Mammoth - Split 7" (Shifty Records) Mint condition. Ohio noise vs. more noise. Sloth is always tough to find.

Sloth/Minch - Split 7" (Shifty Records) Mint condition. More Sloth split shenanigans with the best cover artwork ever.

Sloth/S.M.G. - Split 7" (Shifty Records) Mint condition. Everyone's favorite Ohio pranksters team up some grinders.

Tacocat - Woman's Day 7" (Minor Bird Records) Female punk rock. Mint.

Tigon - S/T 7" (Self-Release) Mint. Nasty punk with that Am-Rep sound.

Various Artists - Extreme Audio Gang Bang 7" (Obscenity Cult) Mint. Nice purple vinyl with an overload of grind, punk, death and noise insanity. Bands include Bitchslicer, Wallygrinder, It Will End in Pure Horror and Vaginal Necrosis.

10" LP

Fire Witch - Japan 10" (Wantage USA) Noisy, death by repetition doom. Mint.

12" LP

Ahna - Empire 12" LP (Choking Hazard Records) Pummeling doom with punk and black metal leanings. Mint.

HC Minds - The Beginnings of the End 12" LP (Blind Date Records) Related to Yob. Mint condition with a full-color, foldout psychedelic poster. Whoa man!

Lycanthropy - Totenkraze 12" LP (Nocebo) Never opened. Crazed black metal and thrash.

Mockingbird - "S/T" 12" LP (Hellville Records) Heavy Ohio sludge. Perfect condition. Jacket is ace.

The Roller - Wasted Heritage 12" LP (Cyclopean Records) Brutal sludge and punk. Eyehategod meets Lemmy? Mint.

Sloth - Messages in Samsara 12" LP (Gotta Groove Records) Not many made either. Total mint with probably the band's best
cover art. Perfect, mint condition.

Sloth - The Noiseville LP 12" (Self-Release) Mind condition. Not many out there. You know you need more Sloth!

Sloth - XV 12" LP (Shifty Records) One of only about 100 made!!! Mine is on orange painted cardboard with flowers on cover. Vinyl in mint. Cover questionable, but it came that way. Handmade and hard to find.

Strong Intention - What Else Can We do but Fight Back? 12" LP (Six Weeks) Ruthless Maryland hardcore punk. Great live band. Solid record. Mint!

Whitehorse/Cross - Split 12" LP (Blind Date Records) Hard to find LP featuring a pair of mean ugly sludge bands.


Pentagram SIGNED BY BOBBY XL, 2010 Tour Shirt - I'm too tempted to wear this. And I love Bobby to death, and it's great having his autograph, but it's hard for me to just sit and look at without wearing it, and ruining the whole point. Available for a good home.


324 - Boutokunotaiyo CD (HG Fact) Mint condition. This is getting hard to find so it seems. Mint condition. Relentless Japanese grind with thrash metal riffs and good songwriting for the style.

Aeolian Race - Landlocked Nation CD (Above Ground Records) Heavy, progressive rock. Mint.

Asunder/Like Flies on Flesh - Split CD (Life is Abuse) Split of two really heavy, crusty bands. Asunder is awesome.

Beast in the Field - Lechuguilla CD (Saw Her Ghost) Their second album. Meditative, experimental duo doom. Mint.

Blood of the Black Owl - S/T CD (Bindrune Recordings) First album. Hard to find. One man black metal project with fuzzed out heavy riffs and psychedelic rock touches. Really good. Good condition CD will play, just has scuff marks. Perfect artwork.

Brothers - Black Friday CD (Saw Her Ghost) Mint. Heavy hardcore with a punk edge. Catchy but with 30 times the balls of radio punk, and hardcore without the Hatebreed chugs.

Centurions Ghost - A Sign of Things to Come CD (I Hate Records) Perfect condition.

Centurions Ghost - The Great Work CD (I Hate Records) Perfect condition. Great band live and on record.

The Chronicles of Lemur Mutation - 4 Documents EP (Self-Release) Greg from Brainoil making ambient drone.

Conifer - S/T CD (Not Common Records) Their first one. Way space-y sludge, doom and post-rock. Perfect condition.

Core of the Earth - Loadstone CD (Self-Release) Perfect condition. Melvins heavy riff rock.

Defcon 4 - File Under Fuck CD (Supernova) Heavy sludge, punk/noise/metal on Steve Austin's defunct Supernova label.

Dystopia - Self-Titled CD (Life is Abuse) Original, kept in smoke-free room, mint condition

Dystopia - The Aftermath CD (Life Abuse) Original press, cheaper than I've seen it anywhere, mint condition, and kept in smoke-free room.

Grave Siesta - S/T CD (Inverse Records) Heavy sludge with Entombed and thrash influences. Great shit. Mint.

Graves at Sea - Documents of Grief CD (Self-Release) This is NOT the label version. Special, limited press before official release with artwork and packaging unique to this copy. If you need pics, I'll send 'em.

Haarp - EP I CD (Self-Release) Hard to find EP from NOLA sludge/grinders in perfect condition.

Haarp - EP II CD (Self-Release) Hard to find second EP from NOLA sludge/grinders. Perfect.

Half of Zero - The Number of the Least CD (Goatsicle Music, 2004) It's not quite Karma to Burn but it's a solid CD of instrumental stoner. Mint condition.

HC Minds - Who Can Survive? CD-R Demo (Self-Release) Pretty hard to find. Hand-screened artwork from the band. Featuring Isamu from Yob. Guaranteed to play and burn.

Hellchild - Circulating Contradiction CD (Howling Bull America) Relentless death metal from Japan with grind and doom touches. Really good shit. Mint.

Hellchild - Bareskin CD (Howling Bull America) Brutal Japanese death metal with doom, grind and hardcore touches. 2nd full-length. Mint, heavy album.

Human Anomaly - The Blind Juggler CD (Life is Abuse) Members of Noothgrush playing Zappa like weirdness. Very, very rare and I can't seem to locate a copy available anywhere. Mint.

Jerky Boys - 2 (Select Records) Funny shit if you're a fan.

Jethro Tull - Under Wraps CD (EMI) If you just gotta complete that Tull collection. Mint, enhanced CD.

Johnny Cash - America IV: Ain't No Grave CD (American) It's Johnny Cash!

Katatonia - Dance of December Souls CD (No Fashion/Century Media) Not the re-press released in recent years. Mint condition, and perfect booklet. Front case is a little beat up, but I will replace that before shipping.

Katatonia - Last Fair Deal Gone Down CD (Peaceville 2004) Digi-pak and disc in perfect, mint condition.

Katatonia - Viva Emptiness CD (Peaceville 2003) Very good condition with the slightest of wear not even a factor. Mint booklet and inserts. I'll ship everything in the nicest case money can buy.

Killing Joke - Pandemonium CD (Zoo 1994) 5.00 Industrial masters. Very good condition. Not their best, but hey, you might need it.

Lair of the Minotaur - The Ultimate Destroyer CD (Southern Lord) Psycho thrash. Mint condition.

Leviathan's Mandible - Only a Ghost of a Smile CD (Self-Release) DIY, hard to finder of murderous, electronic death metal/grindcore. Mint condition in a special snapcase.

Lost Coves - S/T CD (Saw Her Ghost) Heavy/light, calm/psycho drum n' bass rock. Godheadsilo-ish. Mint.

Ludicra - Another Great Love Song CD (Alternative Tentacles) On Biafra's label. Black metal with a female touch. Art has certain imperfections but mostly minor. CD in mint.

Mange - Disillusioned CD (Half-Life Records) CD in very good condition. Members of Phobia and other West Coast crust/grinders.

Mills of God - Call of the Eastern Moon CD (Modus Operandi) Droning, hypno-doom comparable to Sleep. Tom Denney artwork. Mint.

Mistress - Volume 1 Fuck Off CD-R/EP (Self-Release) Uk masters of filth. Awesome, impossible to find first EP. Don't think these tunes were on any other of their releases.

Nasum - Helvete CD (Relapse Records 2003) Classic grinders. Mint condition album.

Nasum - Shift CD (Relapse Records 2004) Classic grinders. Perfect condition.

Necromandus - Necrothology CD (Audio Archives 1998) Iommi related. Perfect condition, original press.

Rapeman - Two Nuns and a Pack Mule CD (Touch and Go, first press) Steve Albini. Perfect condition.

Red Stars Parade - DISKO CD (Dry Run Recordings) English noise-rock/hardcore. Like Converge but with big riffs.

Sepultura - Chaos A.D. CD (Roadrunner 1993) Brazilian thrash masters starting to really change their style. Flawless condition.

Slomatics - Kalceanna CD (Spirit of Division) Heavy English doom. Mint condition.

Souvenirs Young America - An Ocean Without Water CD (Crucial Blast) Weird, psychedelic Americana with western touches. Instrumental. Mint.

Stumm - I CD (Aesthetic Death) Very hard to find sludge/doom from Finland. Punishing like Grief. Mint condition.

Suct/Kilfast - Hell in a Handbasket Split CD (Epoxy and Ducttape) Ugly sludge and metal. Suct is pretty cool. They're like a lo-fi New Orleans sludge/doom band meets death metal and industrial. The cover features a nun taking one in the keester. For folks that like the yucky stuff. Hard to find.

The Human Instinct - Stoned Guitar CD (Rockadrome 2007) 70s psych stuff. Perfect condition.

Thrones - Day Late, Dollar Short CD (Southern Lord) Melvins related of course! Booklet is mint, CD is very good with some light scuffs that don't effect playback.

Trade - Hills EP CD (Self-release) Ex-members of Valkyrie from the old line-up. Sludged-out, EHG mayhem. Perfect condition.

Trap Them - Séance Prime CD/EP (Deathwish) Vicious grind/doom/hardcore. Entombed-like. Very good condition.

Trap Them - Sleepwell Deconstructor CD (TrashArt!) Mint condition on this. Debut album.

Vulgar Pigeons - Burning Episode CD (Deep Send) Very good condition. Pissed off punk and blasting grindcore. Clear disc.

Word Salad - Death March 2000 CD (Prank Records) Very good. Hardcore punk with sludged out churns. Dystopia, Black Flag, and Discharge fans might dig it.

More to come asap.

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 Post subject: Re: Selling some stuff
PostPosted: Sun Dec 07, 2014 8:55 pm 

Joined: Sun Apr 29, 2012 2:04 pm
Posts: 120
Update with a large chunk of my Ohio Sloth collection, signed Pentagram tee that I got on the bus when I met Bobby, 7"s, you name it. Will talk about, show pics, and give you a hand with anything on the list!

 Post subject: Re: Selling some stuff
PostPosted: Mon Dec 08, 2014 9:15 pm 

Joined: Sun Apr 29, 2012 2:04 pm
Posts: 120 ... 7675.l2559

Put a few of the things on Ebay. More to come!

 Post subject: Re: Selling some stuff
PostPosted: Thu Jan 08, 2015 8:53 pm 

Joined: Sun Apr 29, 2012 2:04 pm
Posts: 120
Now updated with no prices and free for all haggling. Big updates soon.

 Post subject: Re: Selling some stuff
PostPosted: Thu Jan 08, 2015 9:40 pm 

Joined: Sun Apr 29, 2012 2:04 pm
Posts: 120
Updated 1/8

Updated 1/8


Agalloch - The Mantle (Original Press)
Agnosis - Zero
Alabama Thunder Pussy - Fulton Hill (Relapse)
Archon - Evocation
The Black League - Ichor (ex-Sentenced)
Blood Duster - Cunt (Relapse, Original)
Blood Duster - St8 Outta Northcote (Relapse, Original)
Candlemass - Tales of Creation (1990, Metal Blade)
Catheter - Preamble to Oblivion
Centaurus - CD/EP (DVD case)
Centrifuge - Desolate
Centrifuge - Sadness, Loveless, Hopeless, Endless
Centrifuge - Taste of Grey
Demonic Death Judge - The Descent
Devil and the Sea - Heart vs. Spine
Duncan Wilder Johnson - Workaholica 3 CD-set
Hawg Jaw - Believe Nothing
Hawg Jaw - Send out the Dogs
Jack in Irons - EP (pre-Old One)
Janus - Gravedigger (Hard to find 70s hard rock/stoner band)
Ogressa - Warts and All
Old One - S/T
Paranaut - The Hills Fell Silent
Raise the Red Lantern - Breathe Fire
Raise the Red Lantern - S/T
Raise the Red Lantern - Thunderfuck EP
Skullflower - 3rd Gatekeeper (Crucial Blast)
Suzukiton - Service Repair Handbook
Tarantula Hawk - S/T (Life is Abuse, Original Press)
Tarpit - Trace Fossils (DVD case)
Thou - Peasant
Tooth - Animality EP
Voodooshock - S/T
Vulture - Oblivious to Ruin
Yob - The Unreal Never Lived


Doomed Messiah


Old One/Black Pyramid - Split 12" LP
Trashies - Space Jam 12" LP
Wino - Adrift 12" LP (perfect condition)

 Post subject: Re: Selling some stuff
PostPosted: Sat Jan 10, 2015 7:14 pm 

Joined: Sun Apr 29, 2012 2:04 pm
Posts: 120
SOLD: Lo-Pan - Salvador 12" LP

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