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 Post subject: Pent Up Release
PostPosted: Sat May 24, 2014 7:46 pm 

Joined: Sat May 24, 2014 12:55 am
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Available Releases

PRISONFOOD - ??????????????? C11
PRISONFOOD / Wet Trash - The Booblicker C33
Furniture Worship - Cascadian Minimalism C21
Masturbatory Dysfunction / Wet Trash Split 2xC20
Microscopic Suffering CD
Blue Sabbath Black Cheer / Masturbatory Dysfunction. DEATH / Put a Bag on it. LP+Mag $20.00 plus shipping
Numb Erone / Masturbatory Dysfunction. Ass 2 Ass Vol. 01. Cassette $6.00 plus shipping
King County. Day of Service. Pro Cdr $10.00 plus shipping

New Distro Titles

Prices are as followed unless otherwise posted:
$8.00 for 7" plus shipping
$10.00 for CD plus shipping
$8.00 for CS plus shipping
Email pentuprelease at gmail dot com with order list and mailing address for total including shipping and payment instructions.

The Rita. Shooting Sharks. 2013. 7"
Weak Sisters. Final. 7"

At Jennie Richie. Rectums Merging. 12" $10.00
BSBC. The Endless Blockade 12" $10.00
Culver. Gateshead Graves 12" $20.00
Insect Factory. Melodies From A Dead Radio. 12" $15.00
Microscopic Suffering / Goly Grim. Split LP. $10.00
Redrot. Psycho Bondage. 12" $15.00
Sun Spltter. III. 12" $15.00
Vertonen/16 Bitch Pile Up. 12" $10.00

Aeronaut. Your Space Trasmission Listening Kit. CD w/3-D glasses $15.00
Bloodyminded - Mothercare - CD Single $5
Bloodyminded - Trophy - CD
Bloodyminded. Within the Walls. CD Digipack.
Blue Sabbath Black Cheer / Pig Heart Transplant - Blue Sabbath Black Cheer Pig Heart Transplant. CD Jewel Case.
Cameron Michael Nichols-Rage. Let's Play!. CD Jewel Case.
Dead Congregation. Promulgation Of The Fall. PFL-134. 2014. CD Jewel Case $13.00
Fecalove. Void Chaos And Cum. CD + Art Zine + Poster Set.
Fortieth Day, The, Sshe Retina Stimulants, Terence Hannum - Advent - CDr
Funerary Call. Fragments From The Aethyr. CD Digipack.
Goly Grim. Nothing Natural This Way Comes. CD Sleeve.
Human Quena Orchestra. Politics Of The Irredeemable. CD.
Intrinsic Action - Sado Electronics - CD
irr. app. (ext.) + Blue Sabbath Black Cheer. Discordant Convergence. CD Jewel Case.
Locrian - Territories - CD
Los Heraldos Negros - Vivir Mejor - CDr
Luciernaga. Collected Works 2008-2013. CD.
Masturbatory Dysfunction. Getting Caught.
Mors Sonat. Comforts In Atrocity. CD Digipack.
Regosphere / Xiphoid Dimentia - Subterranean Transmigration. CD Jewel Case.
Wildildlife. Six. CD Digipack.
Withering of Light. Through The Nightlands Unto The Gates Of Dawn. CDr Sleeve.
Withering of Light. [self titled]. CDr Jewel Case

Clear Fluids. After Dark Deluxe Edition. Cassette + VHS + 7" Lathe-cut Flexi. $35
Cold Comfort. Betafever. VHS. $12.00

[view] / Don Haugen. Cassette.
Altered States. [Audio from Film]. Cassette.
Bloodwall. The Smell of Burning Anti-Freeze. Cassette.
Bloodwall. Four Songs. Cassette.
Blue Sabbath Black Cheer. Crushing Skulls to Dust.
Brizbomb. 1107. Cassette.
Broken Spirit. Falling Apart. Cassette.
Broken Spirit. Let Me Go. Cassette.
Burial Ground. Shock Waves. 2014.
Burial Ground. The Exorcist. Cassette.
Burial Ground. Dedicated to Mario Bava. 4xCS $14
Burial Ground. Road Games. 2014. Cassette.
Burial Ground / Wet Dream Asphyxiation. 2012. Split Cassette.
Carrion Black Pit / Lethe / Folter / Hearse Fetish. 2012. Split Cassette.
Clear Fluids. After Dark. Cassette + VHS. $25
Clive Henery. Day of the Woman. Cassette.
Coma Centauri / Creature Feature. Split. 2012. Cassette.
Corpse Candle. Don't Kill The Messenger. Cassette.
Crown Of Bone / Burial Ground. Hellraiser: A Tribute. 2012. Cassette.
Crown of Bone / Utarm. Split. Cassette.
Deadbeat. Source Tape for Lonely Nights. 2011. Cassette.
Depths. Depths. Cassette.
Drowner. Burning Room. Cassette
Drowner / Self Com. MVA022. 2013. Split Cassette.
Fissures. On Frozen Wastes. 2012. Cassette.
Friends With Corpses. Don't Turn On The Lights. Cassette.
German Army. T'rung. Cassette.
Golden Oldies. Volume 1. Cassette.
Grand Mood. Final Urge To March. Cassette.
Hadals. Hadals. 2012. Cassette.
Haemorrhaging Fetus. A Dying Expression. 2012. Cassette.
Haptic. Repetition. S/sided Cassette.
Invertebrate. Extermination Procedure. Cassette.
Lace. Breaking The Will. Cassette/
Lovebrrd. Three Nights. Cassette.
Lungwash. Swatting Hold. 2012. Cassette.
Mannequins. Untitled. 2014. Cassette.
Megaton Leviathan. Past 21 Beyond The Arctic Cell. 2014. Cassette.
Men of Science. Anti-Septic. Cassette.
Miscreant. Kill Their Babies. Cassette.
Mole Hole. Withdrawal Symptoms. Cassette.
MUTANT VIDEO. Missing Fingers. 2013. Cassette.
Mutant Video / Memory Smoker. Confusion is Heaven Reality is Hell. Cassette.
MYRRH. Hymns. Cassette.
Mytrip. Scattered I. 2013. Cassette+Chapbook.
Nervous Corps. Neglect. 2013. Cassette.
Orbless. Spinning Liquid Mirror. Cassette.
Paints ov Anima & uav εφιάλτης. split. Cassette.
Ritual Stance. Accomplice. 2014. Cassette.
SASHASH ULZ. Hibernation. Cassette.
She Said No. Rejection and Isolation. Cassette.
Sound Out Light. Bloom. Cassette.
Strange Notes / Sweet On You. The Most Beautiful Woman In Town. Cassette.
Tenebrious / Ascetic Hedonism. Split. Cassette.
Vacio Perfecto. El Despoblador. 2013. Cassette.
Various Crystal Lake Tapes. Video Nasties. Cassette. $10.00
Vertonen. Cresting. Cassette.
Wilt / Goose / Marax. Harsh Fields. Cassette
With Prejudice. Tax The Whore and Release The Burden. 2xCassette. $8.00
xALLxFORxTHISx. Chemical Death Rattle. Cassette.

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