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 Post subject: Fanzines for sale! Cheap prices
PostPosted: Tue Feb 25, 2014 4:32 am 
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Second hand fanzines/ Cheap prices

ARMORUM MAGNIFICENTIA (Fra) #2: Gorgon, Crystalium, My darkest dream, Delayed action bomb, Kaly recs, Dementia, Godless truth, Mandragore, Deiseal, Obscene crisis, Cruention... Article: Vie et scène métal en Finlande... + Ecrits, chroniques. 40 pages. A4. In french. 1998. 4,50 Euros.

BEHEST (Fin) #4: Necro angel, Kirkkopalovaroitus, Voidkald, Tuhka, Faustian pact, Stridsmenn, Ruho, Ars goetia, Ars moriendi, Tumultus Amnatus... 20 pages. A5. In english. 2010. 1 Euro.

BLACK HAND (Spa) #2: Ataraxy, Destruktor, Riotor, Unsilence, Gaedhil, Loan of darkness, Reino Ermitano... + Reviews. 56 pages. A5. In spanish. 2011. 2,50 Euros

BLUTVERGIESSEN (Ger) #5: Celestia, Goatpenis, Infinity, Kroa, Törr... + 2 posters: Kroda, Dark domination. 28 pages. A4. In english. 2009. 3 Euros.

DE UMBRIS (Spa) #1: Infernal funeral, Southern extremity, Astra autisma, Armed death, Deus ignotus, Winter solace, Primeval mass, Aka manah, Ayyur... + reviews, articles. 38 pages. A4. In english. 2009. 2 Euros.

DEHUMANIZED (Uk) #5. Earache recs, Agathocles, Vomitory, Gorerotted, Dead like me, Bolt thrower, Defeated sanity... + Reviews. 40 pages. A5. In english. 2008. 2,5 Euros.

EVIL MINDED (Usa) #5: Assassinators, Sudor, Aghast, U.b.r, L.A. scene report…+ Reviews . Hardcore punk zine. 28 pages. A4. In english. 2011. 2,50 Euros

EVIL'S BEST (Israel) #3: Warhammer, Nocturnal, Atomic aggressor, Funebrarum, Death invoker, Darkthrone, Abazagorath, Riotor, Kobra, Dawn of wolves, Infernal assault, Beerage, Bloodsoul, Frontbeast, High spirits, Children of technology, Heretik... + Reviews. 100 pages. A5. In english. 2011. 3 Euros

FATAL UNDERGROUND (Ger) #13: Darkside, Varon, Damnable, Corpse fucking art, Mindbreak, Sunset sphere, Reprobation, Diluvium, Projekt, Forensick, Obscure oath, Ensalvement of beautyn, and many more... 100 pages. A5. In german. 2001. 2,50 Euros

IGNOMINIOUS TORMENTS (Fra) #1: Denouncement pyre, Obeisance, Forgotten wisdom recs... + Reviews. 16 pages. A4. In english. 2009. 2 Euros.

KALEIDOSCOPE (Fin) #6: Manes, Celestial bloodshed, The ruins of beverast, Drowning the light, Lonndom, Vasafor, Defuntos, Saturnian mist, Empire of tharaphita, Fossbrenna creations... + reviews. 56 pages. A4. In english. 2008. 3,5 Euros.

LES FAUX-FILS DE THRASH BOURRENT (Fra) #10: Interviews: Hiatus, Molaire, Amour etrange zine. Articles: Le foootballeur professionel, L'automobiliste est-il un être doué de raison.
+ Chroniques, humour. Zine punk/ Hc. 48 pages. A5. In french. 1996. 1 Euro.

METAL MAFIA (Usa) #6: Lividity, Adnauseam, Skinned, Intellektual spew zine, Garden of shadows, D.a.g, The new breed... + reviews, live report. 32 pages. A4. In english. 1998. 3 Euros

NOISE GATE (Macedonia) #1: Chaos creation, Wehrmacht, Gama bomb, Stainless, Horrifier, Judgment hammer, John Greely... + reviews. 24 pages. A5. In english. 2009. 2 Euros.

TOTAL DEATH (Pol) #5: Warfist, Wishmaster, Necroscope zine, Unburied, Hypnagonia... + Reviews. 24 pages. In polish. 1,50 Euros.

VAGINALLUFTWAFFE (Pol) #1: Persecutor, Centurion, Pulmonary fibrosis, Necrocannibalistic vomitorium, Disdained, Buckshot facelift, Jan Chrzciciel... + Reviews. 36 pages. A5. In polish. 2009. 1,50 Euros.

WSCIEKLIZNA MACICY (Pol) #1: Horror, Deformed conscience, Dead human body, Lactovaginal... + reviews, articles... 40 pages. A5. In polish. 2008. 1,50 Euros.

Price doesn't include postage.

You can order from this webshop: ... d-fanzines
Or mail me if you want infos... gabsk(a)


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