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 Post subject: beau navire, downfall of gaia, hearts of hemp., protestant..
PostPosted: Tue Feb 08, 2011 8:23 pm 

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two new releases arrived in the last days!!
downfall of gaia/hearts of hemperors 12" (amazing artwork... gatefold+poster+red vinyl 180gr)
downfall of gaia - epos 12" repress (artwork different from first press cover on white and vinyl in a heavy 180gr black)

one will comme soon, at the pressing plant right now
beau navire 12"etched-oneside

one ready to go at the pressing plant
protestant - judgements cd (coprododuced with epidemic (from malaysia) out on vinyl on adagio/vendetta and halo of flies)

well, here is a brief description about two releases
special offer downfall of gaia 12" + downfall of gaia/hearts of hemperors 12" - 25euro with shipping in europe (instead of 30euro)/30euro in usa,japan and canada (instead of 35euro)/35euro in australia (instead of 40euro)

(DOWNFALL OF GAIA from germany and IN THE HEARTS OF EMPERORS from sweden share this split together and i think there wouldn?t be a better fitting combination to do this. Both band play this dark crust,doom,punk style. DOWNFALL OF GAIA contribute two (more one long) song to this split. It starts very slow like you already heared it on some of their last songs on ?epos?. It grows and grows over a few minutes until it breaks out. Epic, athosmpheric parts meet blast. To compare it to other bands you can say ALPINIST meets FALL OF EFRAFA here. IN THE HEARTS OF EMPERORS are the counterpart to DOG. I really could copy and paste what I wrote before. Three dark, detuned songs array to one long song here. Dark and angry vocals meet hard guitar lines. Reminds me very much to Amen Ra. The LP comes in a heavy gatefoldcover with a printed inside. The vinyl itself will be pressed on heavy (180gr) redwax. There will also be a poster included)

repress SH28 - DOWNFALL OF GAIA – epos 12”
(repress artwork is different now all is opposite infact cover is on white and vinyl on heavy 180gr black!! Their sound is totally amazing… first album by this neo crust from Germany, in the vein of FALL OF EFRAFA. fuckin’ great release with a poster inside; up and coming German crust act Downfall of Gaia traverse more harrowing emotion than many bands do in their entire discographies. Both intensely atmospheric and relentlessly hard-hitting, the band takes hardcore fundamentals and pushes them to emotional extremes, flickering between fragility and ferocity…. coproduction with 4 labels around the world)

SH30 - ZEUS s/t 12"+cd
SH30.5 - CIBO - qualità CD
SH29 - BHOPAL - age of darkness 12"
SH28.5 - WHO NEEDS MAPS - s/t 12” (last copies)
SH30 - ZEUS – s/t cd (last copies)
SH29.50 - KING TERROR/AGATHOCLES – split 10"
GRINDING HALT/DRAINLAND - split 10" - 9euro (last copies) /
CHAMBERS - s/t 12" - 10euro (last copies)

more shove releases at crazy price!!
SH 27 - UN QUARTO MORTO - discography cd 5euro
SH 26 - GERDA - III LP+cd (last copies) 10euro
SH 25 - A FLOWER KOLLAPSED - brownrecluse 10" (last copies) 6euro
SH 24.5 - BLEEDING EYES - s/t MCD (last copies) 4euro
SH 24 - BOKANOVSKY/LAKME - split 7" (last copy) 4euro
SH 23 - GRINDING HALT - sprookjeshof 12" (last copies) 5euro
SH 22 - CIBO/AIRLINES OF TERROR - split 7"+cd (last copy) 3euro
SH 21.50 - VUUR/GRINDING HALT - split LP (last copies) 5euro
SH 20.50 - KIAS FANSURI - demo cdr (last copies) 3euro
SH 20 - PHOENIX BODIES - too much information" cd+dvd 5euro
SH 19.50 - INFERNO/PSYCHOFAGIST/OVO - split cd (last copies) 5euro
SH 19 - VUUR - discography cd 3euro
SH 18.50 - INFARTO SCHEISSE!/LADY TORNADO - split 10" (last copies) 8euro
SH 18 - VIOLENT BREAKFAST - nient'altro che tempo LP (last copies) 4euro
SH 17 - SILBATO/CEASE UPON THE CAPITOL - split 3"CD (last copies) 3euro
SH 16.50 - ANTHITESIS/SANTANTONIO - split 10" (last copies) 3euro
SH 15.50 - COMRADES/TEKKEN - split 7" (last copies) 3euro
SH 15 - LAGHETTO - pocapocalisse CD (last copies) 3euro
SH 14.50 - THE INFARTO SCHEISSE! - s/t CD (last copies) 3euro
SH 14 - POOSTEW - struggle LPgatefold (last copies) 5euro
SH 11 - ANGSTZUSTAND - malen nach zalen CD (last copies) 3euro
SH 10 - ONE FINE DAY - synapsis CD (last copies) 3euro
SH 09 - ENCYCLOPEDIA OF AMERICAN TRAITORS - discography CD (last copies) 8euro
SH 08.5 - MASSICK - s/t 10" (last copies) 3euro

more upcoming releases, avaiable for pre-order
INFARTO (SCHEISSE!) - sul fondo, insieme a tutti gli altri sassi 12"
a little bit on delay, braulio (adorno) will work on artwork and graphics, 5 new songs... a must have!!
fingers cross... cause finally hammers seem to have a new drummer... artwork and graphics by 108 /
we are working on artwork and graphics, all worked by 108 /
BEAU NAVIRE oneside12"
at pressing plant
PROTESTANT judgements cd
at the pressing plant in some days

if someone would make a pre-order is welcome... so i could have some more money :-)

and soon some more surprises

let me know...


website soon...

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