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 Post subject: Blue Sabbath Black Cheer / Masturbatory Dysfunction - LP+MAG
PostPosted: Sat May 24, 2014 7:40 pm 

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This pulverizing split between blackened industrialists Blue Sabbath Black Cheer and synth mutants Masturbatory Dysfunction is pretty weird, bringing together a full album of punishing industrial deathdrone and apocalyptic sludge-noise with a bizarre theme that involves half-naked women wearing brown bags - not too sure what that's about, but it certainly makes for a memorable experience as you take all of this rumbling, wretched industrial filth in.

Blue Sabbath's side features just one monolithic track titled "DEATH", an epic sprawling nightmare of detuned guitar sludge and howling feedback, waves of crushing distorted drone and rumbling amplifier noise that quickly whip themselves into a raging maelstrom of blackened sound. It's signature BSBC, an amorphous mass of doom-laden industrial dirge, like some crazed combination of Skullflower at their absolute heaviest and Sunn at their absolute noisiest, the track polluted with gusts of irradiated electronics and the ever-present shriek of tortured feedback, guitar strings tuned so low that they flop off of the instrument. The band dredges up clots of black bone-rattling noise and bulldozing bass-drone, slowly forming into a sickeningly heavy machinelike rhythm as the track continues to gruesomely unfold, coalescing into a pulverizing quasi-riff that undulates and rumbles uncontrollably over a thunderous din of random oil-drum percussion, harsh distorted screaming vocals surging to the surface in a vomitous roar of primordial hatred, the whole thing pitch-black and deformed, eventually decomposing into an expanse of abstract whirr and echo at the end.

Masturbatory Dysfunction follow that up with four tracks of their own cruel industrial damage, unleashing waves of mesmeric distorted synth-drone and crackling black static across the beginning of "Hole One" that loop around into a hypnotic pulse-like rhythm. From there, the side expands into fields of smoldering electronic throb and buzzing synthesizer noise, slowly shifting terrain that blooms into huge roaring drones and charred low-end sound, like some Genocide Organ-esque death industrial assault being played back at half-speed. The sound is thick with rumbling bass frequencies, and even strangely luxuriant layered synths built into walls of bleak, monochrome crush. It's just as heavy as the Blue Sabbath side, amazingly enough, and it's easily the heaviest stuff I've ever heard from this project. A monstrous strain of slow-motion death industrial power stretched out into a vast oceanic mass of slowly churning blackness and warped, fractured melody that starts to take on aspects of the heaviest forms of wall-noise, slowly transforming into a vast black hive-swarm of electronic chaos that blots out all light, without abandoning it's titanic gravitational pull, even achieving a Sunn-like level of molten heaviosity on the last track "Wet Paper Bag". Great stuff.

And oh yeah, the thing with the bags. Along with a set of printed inserts, the LP also comes with a large glossy zine called Brown Bag Rag that can only be described as bizarre. This "first issue" of the Rag features twenty-four black and white pages of sexually explicit writings and artwork, all of which are primarily centered around an obsession with women wearing brown paper bags on their heads. It's depraved and disturbing and fairly hilarious, with some seriously fucked-up imagery you won't soon forget. And it comes, of course, in a brown paper bag. Limited to two hundred copies.

Disto Copies at Crucial Blast

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