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 Post subject: SUN AND SAIL CLUB (mems of Fu Manchu + Kyuss) Announce Debut
PostPosted: Tue Sep 24, 2013 10:30 am 
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the PR wire wrote:


SUN AND SAIL CLUB (mems of Fu Manchu + Kyuss) Announce Debut Album "Mannequin" Out November 2013 on Satin Records Recordings

(featuring Bob Balch and Scott Reeder of Fu Manchu and Scott Thomas Reeder of Kyuss / The Obsessed)
Announce Debut Album "Mannequin" Out This November on Satin Records Recordings!

Watch two new trailers from SUN AND SAIL CLUB's upcoming debut album "Mannequin" here!

"Overall, this record is heavy and dark. It’s Inspired by DEVO, VOIVOD, KRAFTWERK, TORCHE, SLAYER as much as it’s inspired by ASWAD, JOE PASS and WES MONTGOMERY. The riffs are heavy and the vocoder vocals are full of harmonies. I wanted a super heavy groove that would support angelic vocal harmonies. I think we have achieved that." – Bob Balch (Fu Manchu / Sun and Sail Club)

SUN AND SAIL CLUB is Bob Balch of Fu Manchu (guitar / vocoder vocals), Scott Thomas Reeder of Kyuss / The Obsessed (production / bass) and Fu Manchu drummer Scott Reeder. Together these three musicians, heralded in their own right for spending the past few decades writing albums that would turn the world of hard rock and metal on its head, have united to create one of the most groundbreaking and arguably most pummeling and original albums the world has ever known.

Recalling what one might expect to hear when combining the vocal stylings of Air or Kraftwerk, with the dizzying brutality of the members’ previous bands and the aforementioned Torche or Slayer, SUN AND SAIL CLUB’s debut album “Mannequin” embarks on territory that is both new and exciting. Not surprisingly, “Mannequin” spearheads the obvious future and progression of hard rock fury, bringing to the table the true professionalism and mastery, and dynamic musicianship that has been on full display from Fu Manchu, Kyuss and The Obsessed in years past, but also adds a completely new level of precision, technicality and accuracy to make an album that is completely flawless from start to finish.

Balch describes, “In between FU MANCHU tours I was writing all this material that was really frantic and dark. Lots of notes and strange chords. A lot of times I would go interview a guitar player for my site and come back inspired and full of ideas. Just to make Scott Reeder (FU MANCHU) laugh I would send him a file to play drums on. Well, anybody who has seen FU MANCHU live knows Reeder is a monster behind the kit. So I would try to throw him some curve balls to trip him up. No such luck. Every riff I sent him he nailed it.

Balch adds, “I really wanted Scott Reeder (KYUSS) to play bass on it. I love the work he’s done in his recording studio too, so I figured that if we recorded stuff there, hopefully he’d dig it and play on it... He asked to play on it and I almost crapped myself. I don’t think I’ve ever said 'Yes!' faster. His bass lines are insane. Lots of drop A stuff which is probably pretty hard on bass. He nailed it too! I went back into the studio to lay down the vocoder parts as a guide for singers. I did the track GANG JUSTICE first and Reeder turned around and said, 'That’s how the vocals will stay. It’s inane.' He asked, 'Do you have stuff for every song using the vocoder?' I did. So we went to work. The only song I didn’t have vocals for Reeder sang. It’s named I'M NOT UPSIDE DOWN.”

Says Scott Thomas Reeder (Kyuss / The Obsessed) of the experience, “They knocked out some crazy tracks all in a day – jawdroppingly great stuff. I didn't know if it was supposed to just be drums and guitar... so I asked later on, 'Who's playing bass on this stuff?' I suggested that maybe I take a stab at it and they were down! It's really crazy stuff, the most challenging material I've done since I was in THE OBSESSED.”

Describing more of the songwriting process, Fu Manchu and Sun and Sail drummer Scott Reeder remembers “About 2 years ago, Bob and I started trading riffs and beats back and forth via the wonders of modern technology. Sometimes he would be sending me 3 different things in one file and I would just throw up a 57 as an overhead and record my whole kit and send it back. Or I might have a beat and say, 'Hey play something to this.' WHITES OF YOUR EYES started that way. It was much faster and I was just warming up around the kit and got inspired to get it down. Then we got together and just slowed down the tempo and he added new parts. We agreed that most of the stuff needed not to be super picked apart and scrutinized. It was more of a first thought, best thought approach. Whatever made us just laugh and go 'Yeah that’s super’s gotta be that way!!' It all springs from Bob's riffs, he can play anything, but he plays it the way you want to hear it!! As always, that’s the most fun stuff to play to. I think that shows up in recording. It’s fun to listen to. We blasted through 10 songs of basics in 4 hours..we were just having a great time so we just knocked it out!! And to have that great bass playing of Scott's in there, I could not imagine it sounding heavier but of course he just blew me away."

After recording, the band recruited J. Robbins to aid in the mixing process. Balch recounts “I loved his work and I’m a big fan of the band he played bass in GOVERNMENT ISSUE. He mixed THE HIDDEN HAND’s “Mother, Teacher, Destroyer” which is one of my favorite sounding records. I wanted to get a heavy sound like that, but I also wanted a DEVO “Duty Now For The Future” or RUSH “Moving Pictures” vibe. I think that those ingredients play off the vocoder really well." Balch later tapped Dan Coutant (Clutch / Coliseum) to add the finishing touches in the mastering process.

* SUN AND SAIL CLUB’s debut album “Mannequin” is due out this November on Satin Records Recordings, more details including album art, track list and new music coming soon!

For more information, visit:


 Post subject: SUN AND SAIL CLUB (mems of Fu Manchu + Kyuss) Announce Debut
PostPosted: Wed Sep 25, 2013 12:27 am 
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Color me extremely excited for this. My buddy and I have been joking for years about the idea of the two Scott Reeders playing in one band. Never thought it would happen, never mind the fact it's going to be fucking epic.

 Post subject: Re: SUN AND SAIL CLUB (mems of Fu Manchu + Kyuss) Announce D
PostPosted: Wed Sep 25, 2013 2:48 pm 

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damn, I'm not even a big Kyuss or Fu Manchu fan, but this sounds cool. nice that they picked J.Robbins to mix it

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