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 Post subject: Magic Circle, Leather Lung, A Wish For Fire - PA's, 2/6/16
PostPosted: Sun Feb 07, 2016 10:33 am 
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I had missed Magic Circle every time they had previously played. Just one of those things where I had something else going on or was out of town or whatever. I remedied that situation last night. I made sure to. First a couple of words about the openers.

I totally missed the first band, City of Dis. Just got there a little late. Next time. A Wish For Fire played second. Full disclosure: I played in a band with lead singer/guitarist Owen Beane, he was the second drummer in Hackman. Dude rules. AWFF is a totally different animal. Very modern rock, in the vein of Muse, let's say. Not really my thing, to be honest, but I can't understand why these guys aren't much bigger. Catchy hooks, tight arrangements, and they're good players. Last song kicked it up a notch, more material like that would be a plus. They were kind of the odd band out on this bill. A solid set, nonetheless.

Leather Lung are a newish band on the scene who have been making some noise. I dig 'em. Pretty basic heavy riff rock with an emphasis on getting stoned. Nice dirty bass sound which makes the riffs that much stickier. Vocals are mainly growled but sometimes veer into melodic territory. Leather Lung is a fun band. They just wanna get up there, turn the amps up and fucking rip, that's it. The message here is "get high". And that's fine with me.

Okay. So, Magic Circle. The first time I heard them was the super limited "Scream Evil" 7" they released. It blew me away. Then I heard their debut full length and I knew these dudes were the real fucking deal. I didn't know anything about them at all, just that they were some guys from local hardcore bands who had created a straight-up doom masterpiece with their first album. And the singer's voice was a whole other thing altogether. First thing I thought of was Ozzy circa 1970. You know that infamous Sabbath Paris show? Yeah, that. Lead vocalist Brendan Radigan possesses a voice that is in the same league with many of the greats that you can list. I don't wanna get into a whole thing here but the guy can sing his ass off. Let's just leave it at that.

So Magic Circle got up onstage and destroyed PA's Lounge (which is a total watering-hole kind of dive bar, they have both kinds of beer: Bud and Bud Lite) with a set of straight up epic, classic METAL. Nothing hardcore about the sound at all. The riffs are all 100% straight outta Birmingham, England. Q on drums plays like he took lessons from Bill Ward or John Bonham. Solid as a rock. No. More solid. A rock could take pointers from Q about being solid. And Radigan's voice just soaring over it all. That's the word: soaring. Flying. His voice is a singular instrument that demands attention. The vocals are even better live because you can actually see that here's this dude that THAT voice is coming out of. Fuck, there aren't enough superlatives. If you haven't checked out Magic Circle yet do so immediately. If you have a chance to see them live, do it. Don't blow it off. And if you're a fan of classic Sabbath-inspired metal and you don't like them? Well shit, I don't know what to say to you, but I don't think we can be friends. To sum it up, this was probably in my all-time top ten shows that I've seen, in a club or otherwise. Ruled.


Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more.

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