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Morne,Churchburn,Obsidian Tongue,SEA-Middle East,12/12/14
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Author:  scarab cadaver [ Sat Dec 13, 2014 3:40 pm ]
Post subject:  Morne,Churchburn,Obsidian Tongue,SEA-Middle East,12/12/14

What better way to close out a hectic week than with a crushing show of metal? I can't think of anything else. New band SEA, including current and former members of Olde Growth and Rozamov, kicked it off. Lots of slow moving, arpeggiated chords and lurching heaviness. Vocals are yelled at times, melodic at others, sometimes getting swallowed up by the dense riffage. I didn't get any song titles but the whole set sounded great. Just a big wall of lumbering sound. Highly recommended.

Two man black metal band Obsidian Tongue were second. I've seen their name around but this was my first time catching them live. A guitarist/vocalist and a drummer, that's all they needed to kick up an unholy racket. Exotic chording, high velocity tempos and murderous vokills are what Obsidian Tongue are all about. No real let up for the whole set, just heads down, blasting black metal. Lucifer would be proud.

Churchburn were up next. I'd never seen these guys either, but I was assuming they weren't going to be playing a set of twee indie pop, just going by the name. Sometimes you can figure stuff out on your own. These dudes ripped. Super heavy, mangled riffs. Not really fast or slow, a lot of mid-tempo grinding going on, with screamed vocals over the top of it all. Dude looked and sounded like he was super pissed off at something. Maybe just the world in general? Will definitely check these guys out again. I felt beaten up afterwards.

Morne closed out the night. I believe this was their one and only Boston show this year, which is pretty cool seeing as how they're from here. No risk of over-saturation for them. Place was packed, by the way. If it wasn't sold out it was damn near close. Morne delivered a crushing set of monolithic heaviness. Imagine some sort of huge machine just pounding the Earth and flattening everything forever, that's pretty much what they sound like. I think they used to have a keyboard player, but he was nowhere to be found tonight. Not much more to add, other than this whole show was solid from top to bottom, and I can hear just a little bit less today than yesterday. Awesome.

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