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Sunrunner, Eldemur Krimm, Ogre - Geno's 3-14-14
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Author:  Arzgarth [ Sat Mar 15, 2014 9:49 am ]
Post subject:  Sunrunner, Eldemur Krimm, Ogre - Geno's 3-14-14

What to do on Friday? Why, get in a car with @h.p. taskmaster and drive two hours up to Portland to see a trio of bands and hang out with old friends.

Up first was Sunrunner and they called into question the logic of driving two hours up to Portland to see a trio of bands and hang out with old friends. Too manic, too proggy, too theatrical. Excellent musicians and parts of their set caught my interest, but overall it was just too much. But if you dig Kansas, Iron Maiden, Styx, wear a Dream Theater t-shirt when listening to thrash metal, and don't mind Broadway musicals, these guys may be up your alley. Bonus points for having the Nyabinghi Jesus play in the band.

If there were lingering doubts about the plan (in the normal Arz world, I'd be falling asleep on the couch right about now), the mighty Eldemur Krimm, now back to their original four-piece line-up, swept them away. Energetic, loving the crowd, and completely locked in, they turned the evening into Something Important. Just a fun set, and worth it for "Elephant Gun" alone.

Last time I saw Ogre, it was at Geno's and they were calling it quits with two sets - one of "Plague of the Planet" in its entirety, and the other of tracks from their other releases. This time they leaned heavily on "The Last Neanderthal," the reunited band's latest. Having only heard "Nine Princes in Amber," it was a good way of getting to know what the band's been up to. The short answer: More of the same. Classic rock doomed up or doom leavened with a heavy dose of classic rock? Either way, it worked. Throw in "Age of Ice" and it made for a great set, the lack of "Dogmen of Planet Earth" notwithstanding.

Drive back could've been worse, but HP's the man.

Author:  H. H. Word [ Fri Mar 21, 2014 9:11 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Sunrunner, Eldemur Krimm, Ogre - Geno's 3-14-14

Sounds great, wish I wasn't 600 miles from those bands! Really enjoyed my trip to Portland for the Maine Stoner Fest back in 2007. Hoping Ogre and/or Krimm will see fit to venture south at some point. Ogre did play in Virginia once upon a time...

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