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 Post subject: The Stoves,The Humanoids,Cortez,much more-10/4 and 10/5
PostPosted: Sun Oct 06, 2013 11:34 am 
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The Gods of Rock decided to bless Boston this weekend with a bounty of killer shows to lose your hearing and sobriety at, and really the only thing to do was flip a coin and do what it told you to, because there was just too much rock going on around the city. Rocktober, indeed. So let’s just cut the Goddamned pleasantries and get right down to it.

Friday night at Radio in Somerville, actually voted the country’s hippest city in some poll that someone made up somewhere, and I suppose if having the worst smelling bathroom of all time is hip then yeah, Somerville wins, hands fucking down. Jeezus, what the hell died in there? Well, Pants Exploder is the first band of the night, so maybe they know what’s up. These dudes are from the AmRep school of of Big Loud Heavy Noise. Their songs lurch around the room, knocking your drink out of your hand and walking into things. Drums are straight out of the Dale Crover School of Hitting Stuff, and the whole thing sounds like a machine about to seize up while the foreman yells at you to fix it. In other words, good stuff.

Cortez are up next and deliver a solid and powerful set of their groove-laden heavy rock. Not much needs to be said about these guys at this point that hasn’t already been said. The riffs are killer, the vocals are killer and the drumming is ridiculous. They’ve added a second guitarist to beef up the sound, so now it’s like you’re getting punched in the face by two fists instead of one. They played a bunch of new material which sounded great, one song in particular had a Deep Purple kind of vibe going on, and they’re recording a new song for an upcoming split, so keep an eye out for that.

Jack Burton vs. David Lo Pan, or JBVDLP if you’re in the know, followed and all hell broke loose. Lead mouth Erik Scott voiced his displeasure at the world while the band spazzed out and assaulted us with abrasive, angular hardcore. In other words this isn’t old-school four-on-the-floor hardcore, this is all over the place, twitching and constantly evolving, in the same ballpark as Converge or Deadguy. The set ended with Scott balled up on the floor in front of the stage screaming his lungs out into the abyss. Primal scream therapy at its finest. A new album is in the works for these guys, it should be out next year.

Closing out the night was Automatic Death Pill. These dudes don’t play out a whole hell of a lot, but when they do they mean it. Total brutal sludge metal in the vein of Eyehategod or Noothgrush, you know, the kind of stuff that makes you question your existence and why you even bother to fall out of bed every day. Nate Linehan, who served time in Anal Cunt, holds down the drums and does a rock solid job, while the music crushes everything around him. There’s some swing there, too. And tons of sludge, did I mention that? So yeah, if you see these guys are playing somewhere you should go see ‘em. Just bring a helmet and maybe some full body armor.

Night two, Saturday night at Great Scott in Allston. After enduring some asshole on the Green Line singing what sounded like show tunes from Glee, I needed some loud rock music to cleanse my earholes. Seriously dude, don’t sing on the train. Someone much less nicer than me might shank you. Is it really worth it? Blackhouse opened the night. Three bassists, drums and vocals, no guitar. Kind of a Killing Joke or Cop Shoot Cop vibe going on. It’s not just noise, there are songs with melodies here, but yeah, there’s a lot of rumbling and ground shaking going on. Lead singer Kevin Grant does a great job singing over all the low end, and the three bassists (including Tim Catz from Roadsaw) all do their own thing, sometimes playing the same bassline, sometimes all playing something different. The perfect antidote to Mr. Glee. Thank you, Blackhouse.

Hot Black claim the stage next. They’ve been around for a while now and apparently this is their last show, which would suck, because these dudes bring it. Fucking high-octane, let’s blow shit up and party rock ‘n roll. Amen. Like Zeke on coke. Seriously. Just mash the pedal to the floor and go. The lead singer told us all about his crystal yacht that was parked out front and asked if anyone wanted to go to Mars with him. A bunch of hands went up, because duh, yeah I want to go to Mars on your crystal yacht! Frantic lead guitar over high-speed cop chase rhythms with crazed vocals on top, Hot Black rock like they their lives depend on it. If this was indeed their last show then they’ll be missed. A tough act to follow, no doubt, seeing as how the stage was a smoldering pile of rubble once they were done.

But you know who was next? That’s right, the Stoves. This was their final show as well, and also the record release for their split 7” with the Humanoids, so the Stoves were up to the challenge, and the crowd was ready for them. Upbeat rock with lots of songs about piss, the Stoves don’t fuck around at all. Lead throat Kyle riled up the masses and got everyone to sing along to such classics as “Shut up and Piss”, which is no small feat. The band was tight, and the songs flew by one after another, including a Turbonegro cover which saw the dude standing next to me jump onstage and sing along, and he had no idea who the Stoves were. Well, now he knows. Such is the power of rock when played properly. “Piss Wizard”, “Blow It Out Your Ass”, “Let’s Do It”, and their new hit “(More) Wild Times (Again)” were all aired, with guitarist King Stove (aka Mike Roberts) riffing and soloing like a man possessed. Farewell, Stoves. We hardly knew ye.

The Humanoids were closing out the night, and I was holding out as long as I could, but I had to catch the last train, so I had one last beer and was able to catch a couple of songs before making the trek home. I’ve seen the Humanoids before, so I’m confident that they brought it. They are the living, breathing embodiment of denim, leather and metal, and if history is any indicator at all, they probably closed out their set with a smokin’ version of “Black Wind, Fire and Steel” by Manowar which blows my mind every time. Their new split single with the Stoves includes their song “Wild Times”, and if you can snag a copy I advise that you do.

So yeah, the Gods of Rock smiled upon Boston this weekend, leaving a bunch of us hungover and with eardrums ringing, but truthfully nothing could be better. Over and out.

Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more.

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