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 Post subject: Tombs/16/Serpentine Path/Pyrrhon saint vitus bar 10.27.12
PostPosted: Sun Oct 28, 2012 1:48 am 

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Hails to Tim and Meredith

Eclectic evening. 1st you had Pyrrhon's post metal:

The music was way too busy/time change-y to properly just sit on a riff and cymbal hit and bang your head the whole way through. Perhaps if I had memorized these songs beforehand that would have been different? lol The bassist was outstanding, just up and down the neck the whole set, really fun to watch. Was nice to see him smile at one point, as apparently he was having fun thundering away in the set himself. Some parts bordered on thrash, which is always fine, but overall I wasn't blown away by the band. Truth be told I had never heard of them, but I get what they're doing, I'd listen to/see again, but i'm not seeking to own any albums at this point. Oddly enough, the singer had the same fucking tshirt I had on, so of course, in the just about empty room, I walked straight up to him while he was singing (screaming) and using body language we both agreed on the awesomeness of YOB shirts, silently. haha

Then was Serpentine Path's death/doom:

Outside after their set, I went total fanboy on Tim Bagshaw for 3 minutes. Tim Bagshaw was at Saint Vitus tonight! What?! Awesome. As soon as I heard about this band I put their debut on my wishlist. I love what Tim has done by switching to guitar. Love. Ramesses is some evil stoned heavy shit, and Unearthly Trance are a NY staple...

Putting that together equaled some slow/some mid paced riffs, and slowly they hurt my neck more and more. Really wanted to have picked up the debut but alas end of the month broke type of situation. In fact, Vitus has been having a lot of doom shows at the end of the month. That's stupid. That's my only complaint about that bar.

Live, the physical weight of each of these riffs was, for me, approaching Warhorse-like moments of heavy. Two guitars filled out the sound nicely during Tim's acidic solos. In talking to Meredith, Jay's wife (U.T.), I found out that these guys are tired of touring, AND that this was their debut gig (!) (WHERE WAS EVERYONE?! I did not see the SR contingent at all! this was the last show to get in before this mt. everest of a hurricane obliterates us all! hahaha)

Will we get the chance to see them again? I have no idea. I'm sure as shit glad I got to see them tonight though: they were tight for a debut gig, and how many times are you going to get to meet tim bagshaw in bumfuckville brooklyn?

Next up was 16's math sludge:

I do have Bridges to Burn, and occasionally i get in the mood for it. Don't know any other albums. This was my first time seeing any of these bands, and having Serpentine Path under 16 I think was a mistake, I mean, a) serpentine path killed, and b) 16 hasn't been around as long as electric wizard, (and unearthly trance have a good decade of their own).

Putting both Serpentine Path and 16 below Tombs? I'm not trying to start a flame war here so i'll keep my mouth shut. NOTHING against Tombs though.

Needless to say 16 did their thing, and brought us some fine cali-forn i a sludge. I dug their math-y math-y dirty groove.

Last was Tombs, who brought us their black metal/doom hybrid:

I'm not calling it black doom. You can't make me. Black doom sounds racist. "Yeah, man, that's cool you're into ____ . I like more like black doom, you know?" "Oh, like who?" "You know like Iron Man and stuff" C'mon now.

I didn't stay for the entire set, truth be told I came just for serpentine path, (I was indifferent on seeing 16 live because I don't usually reach for them, but I enjoyed the set) but I had to leave cause it was well past midnight and I was starving

Now, with Tombs I realize that that Paths To (Of?) Totality record is becoming a sacred thing to many, and it is on my wish list, but I'm just not really into black metal yet. I figured blackened doom is kind of a middle path to ease my way into it, but honestly I wasn't digging on what I heard. The bassist for 16 thanked them and said that this was their last gig of the tour: they didn't look or sound tired at all, but it just wasn't my cup of tea after serpentine path, whose 2nd slot set was way too short. I mean they only have what, 8 songs? Just let them play what they got, you know? Ah, minor grievances.

That was about it? I thought this would sell out too.

Have a good Sunday before Sandy rapes your soul.

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