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 Post subject: MDF 5.27.12 Baltimore, MD
PostPosted: Mon May 28, 2012 12:51 am 

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in the hotel now, let me try to recount this.

First of all, I only came for Sunday's festivities. 6 bands, 7 hours.

Cough, Rwake, Church Of Misery, YOB, Saint Vitus, Electric Wizard.

Jebus did I just list those bands in a lineup? Cripes.

Well, you had to be there, honestly. Hi to Mike Scheidt, Henry Vasquez, uh SunnO))), that chick who passed, those two dudes that passed.

Cough got started awhile after I got in. I had already bought my merchandise for the day, which includes CoM Early Works, Vitus Lillie F 65, Bongzilla Stash/Methods, Esoteric SDITC, Motorhead 1916, Eyehategod In The Name Of, Cough pin for my bag and sticker for betsy, the boogie van. Now Cough, cough are a band that i've heard of and heard and only very recently aquired Sigullum, based on enough reviews of the album I figured I should get it. I really enjoy the disc, and wanted to hear/get Ritual Abuse at the fest, and saw it there, but passed. I want more time with Sigullum before I'm ready to hear the next evolution of the band. Today they were a heavy opener, and I really felt bad for Rwake who followed, because Cough just decimated. Even with 6 people on that stage, Rwake just sounded...I don't know. I'm not a writer. They were out-heavied.

Left Rwake a bit early for a better spot at Church Of Misery. CoM? Did I hallucinate that, or was I graced by the presence of CoM? Possibly my favorite set of the night, honestly. Pure weed-soaked grooving murder metal. Absolutely astounding. I'm honored they played for me.

Oh, what's that? CoM are over but YOB's coming on? Okay, you twisted my arm, why not.
reMet Mike outside, thanked him, etc. YOB was a lot louder than when I saw them in Manhattan in July. I don't memorize song titles to YOB songs, frankly, so I couldn't tell you a setlist. Only had time for 3 songs, I think, but they were all lovely. I've been a YOB lover since the debut, and getting to see them twice in a year is a gift. Could have been three times, technically. Obviously hearing 4 songs last July at LPR is better than three at MDF, right?

Not correct. The volume issue corrected, YOB blared through their set in what seemed like a second. Universal riffs, otherworldly sounds.

Bit of a break, then Vitus and the rain. Mystic Lady, Born Too Late, White Stallions, Dying Inside, Blessed Night, Lillie title track, Clear Windowpane, another 1 or two from lillie...and I think that was set. There was a pit. Wino was a god in that black leather vest, and he had us in the palm of his hands. Dave's solos were schizo, busy, and absolutely affirming of the importance of the man himself. Now Henry killed it, stole the show almost. Dude hits hard. I met him outside, caught by his shirt I said hey man, that's an awesome shirt, where'd you get it? He said he made it. When I saw the same shirt behind the drumkit I said fuck I met Saint Vitus drummer and didn't know who he was by his face! Gah! Felt ashamed.

Turned around for Wizard, the last band I came for. Look at this: Supercoven/El Drugula/Dopethrone/Witchcult Today/Black Mass/Return Trip/The Chosen Few/Funerapolis. Shocked that they came on that stage and played those songs. Yes, shocked.

First time seeing CoM, Rwake, Cough and Wizard. Everyone was awesome. I don't know what else to say.

Over and out.

 Post subject: Re: MDF 5.27.12 Baltimore, MD
PostPosted: Tue May 29, 2012 2:19 am 
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Thanks for the review. They put together a great fest out there, but it's on the wrong coast for me, and during the absolute worst time of the year for me work-wise now (which was fortunately a slow time in my last profession when Emissions was up and going).

Outside of the logistical pitfalls, I've read about two separate instances dudes getting robbed at gunpoint just a block or two outside the venue. They might have been the same instance, but it doesn't sound like it. Also, I saw about a dozen or so bands I'd leave the house for here (more than the half-a-dozen you had listed) and of those, I've seen about 90% of them enough times. At least not enough to warrant a cross country trip. So no "bucket list" bands. Dragged into Sunlight might have been the closest thing to that for me.

I saw a bumper-sticker yesterday: "I might be old, but I got to see all the cool bands." Kind of sums it up for me.

If Cough blew Rwake away, then I need check them out, because Rwake has always ripped shit up everytime I've seen them!


 Post subject: Re: MDF 5.27.12 Baltimore, MD
PostPosted: Wed May 30, 2012 9:34 pm 
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Yeah. Cough fucking slays live. Rwake does too, but I understand how Cough can blow the lid off of a motherfucker.

I will show you the life of the mind.

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