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 Post subject: BORIS 10/27/11 Irving Plaza NYC
PostPosted: Fri Oct 28, 2011 11:34 am 

Joined: Thu Apr 14, 2011 2:09 pm
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Location: Brooklyn, NY
Whoa...that...was a weird show. The oddest triple bill I've seen this year, no, ever actually.

Got there early, stood under the marquee due to the rain, chatted it up with a new friend (Hi Morgan).

Let us in around 7. Headed straight for the merch, but she wasn't set up yet. Had a drink, bought my friend a beer, and waited patiently for the merch to be ready. Eventually scored Altar and Pink on CD. Tees were $25 bux and not really that cool, so I passed and saved my money. Thought the Boris earplugs were cool though; I don't ever wear earplugs though, so I passed on a set of those as well.

Waited some more, had another drink, talked about Japanese psych with Morgan and other shit.

Around 8, Liturgy comes on. I've seen them bashed here and other places, so I wasn't exactly psyched. I don't dig on black metal, I don't own any black metal CDs (Bathory and Celtic Frost and Venom are on my wish list). I did not like this band. From what I've heard of black metal, these guys barely qualified. Black metal lite? Pop BM? I don't know what you call it, but they had no corpse paint and two of them had crosses around their necks, and I don't mean the upside down kind. There were high pitched riffs, most of the songs were relatively fast, but not breakneck fast, and the riffs were REALLY boring and just...there. I did not get it. Probably the worst introduction to BM ever.

Had a cigarette after they finished, and waited for Asobi Seksu (sp?) Three white guys and a tiny Asian girl singer on tambourine and some kind of electronic gizmo. I have no idea how to describe their sound. Morgan said they were pop psych shoegaze rock, and I guess that's as good a description as any. Relatively high pitched vocals, annoying riffs...I did not like this band either.

One more cigarette after they finished, and I waited for Boris. They had techs with them setting up their shit, and finally the screen came up. What was with the screen, for the matter? Psychedelic imagery, cats driving cars, kung fu...I felt like I should have brought shrooms to the show. Anyhow, the screen came up for the last time of the night, revealing Boris as a four piece. I recognized the trio, the bass player had a wicked double necked bass, the drummer had his mighty gong, but there was a second guitar player off to the side. What's his role and who is he, I thought? They opened with some doomy song, which was what I paid to see, and then they went pop with Wata on vocals. Back to rock but fast stuff, alternating vocals, and the second guitar player play riffs for Wata to solo, or playing psychedelic solos while Wata banged out the riffs. Atsuo banged on that gong a lot, which was cool. No idea on a set list, I'm only a casual Boris fan, I only really like the drone and doom (droom?) stuff that I've heard.

Well that was it. Without a doubt the weirdest gig gig I've ever seen. I'll never pay again to see those two openers, and I think I'll let Boris play their pop on their own, unless their bust out a tour playing all of Amplifier Worship or something, I'll pass.

Whatever. That was my gig for October. Sorry I forgot to do a roll call; anyone here actually see this crazy gig but me?

See ya'll at Santos on the 15th of November for Fu Manchu.

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