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Roadburn 2011
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Author:  frobbert [ Tue Apr 19, 2011 6:15 am ]
Post subject:  Roadburn 2011

Day 1:
Alcest's blackgaze was a pretty mellow opener. Pentagram and Count Raven were great and The Atomic Bitchwax was quite enjoyable too, even though I haven't heard their latest record yet (which they played in its entirety). Also enjoyed the bits and pieces I saw of Acid King, Wovenhand, Blood Farmers and Godflesh. The only band I saw and really didn't like were Winterfylleth. To each his/her own, but black metal and singalong choruses don't work for me.

Day 2:
Keiji Haino: Now that's how you open a festival, with the bastard son of Einstürzende Neubauten and John Zorn, played at 10 RPM. Or something. Pretty intense stuff. Mamiffer were beautiful, the old hard rock vibe of Circle/Pharaoh Overlord a nice surprise. I fuckin' loved Sabbath Assembly's weird hippie music. C.O.C. were disappointing, so on to Jesse Sykes, who was great. The vegetarian wraps in the venue didn't really agree with me this year so off into town to get some decent food, just in time to see the ever brilliant Voivod.

Day 3:
I would have loved to see Candlemass, but Liturgy played the batcave at the same time and I'm totally crazy about their last album so I went to see them instead. Brilliant band. Then on to the Midi theatre where Rwake were playing, a band who I enjoy on CD but I don't know...maybe I wasn't in the mood or something. So back to the main hall for Weedeater. Great band, too bad their last CD was sold out in the merchandise stand. Saw a bit of Evoken after that but unfortunately the sound wasn't all that great. I would have loved to see a bit of Imaad Wasif (I like his album The Voidist quite a bit) but the Bat Cave was packed by then so instead it was another serving of Voivod (great again) followed by Ramesses (good) and Shrinebuilder (great band, but the sound wasn't all that imo). The absolute high point of the festival were Swans. Damn, talk about fuckin' intense!

Day 4:
Spindrift's psychedelic spaghetti western music was a nice surprise. I would have loved to see the whole Dragontears show but the heat in the packed green room combined with the pain in my legs from three days of mostly walking and/or standing up finally got to me so I decided to take a relaxing stroll to the main hall. Good thing I did because Coffins totally destroyed! The best thing about Dead Meadow was Sasquatch strolling around on stage. I would have loved to see Black Pyramid but they played at the same time as Black Mountain so I preferred to see the last one instead. Never was too crazy about this band, but their latest CD is pretty good and after three days were I saw mostly gloom 'n' doom I guess their mellow hippie sound was a kind of relief.

What can I say? This was the best edition ever! In hindsight I regret not having seen Ghost, Blood Ceremony, In Solitude, Place Of Skulls, Sunn0))), Candlemass, White Hills, Imaad Wasif, Wolf People and Black Pyramid but you just can't have em all on a festival like this. Cheers and hi to Walter, Bidi, Shaytan, Chest, Jemdoom, Billsbrother and also all the new people I met. See y'all next year.

The guy from Sourvein summed it up best at the end of their set: "Peace and Doom" \m/

Author:  monkey hanger [ Wed Apr 27, 2011 10:46 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Roadburn 2011

Links to photos from this year's Roadburn in this thread: viewtopic.php?f=1&t=1956

Author:  JemDooM [ Thu May 05, 2011 6:28 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Roadburn 2011

Good to see you Frobbert :) best edition ever maybe, it was definetly the biggest edition so far and therefor crazy busy, so much to see, it really was non stop! I had such an awesome time as always! so exited about next year now, im just waiting to get a minute to have a good think about my 2012 wishlist ;)

great photos monkey!


Author:  JemDooM [ Mon Jun 20, 2011 5:32 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Roadburn 2011

Excuse the switching between past and present tense as some was written bed in the mornings :)

Roadburn 2011

Roadburn 2011 was the 16th Edition of this amazing festival and my 5th burn. Roadburn to me is a blissful few days of freedom to bask among friends in a world of heavy and psychedelic volumes, much loved bands and new discoveries, enhanced by movies, art, horror, occult, history and more. There are guest djs, curators and amazing artists such as Malleus, Brian. W. Mercer and this year the incredible works of David. V. D’Andreas. There is now the Roadburn Cinema screening metal documentaries and performances from previous years in the V39, which also has a floor dedicated to merch. Add to this the cool feeling of actually belonging in society for a change, in a chilled out little town, in a haze, and to me there are no words to describe how it feels to be at Roadburn. As the blue wristband was secured around my wrist I felt a rush as if I had just been set free, now begins the experience that is Roadburn.


We headed straight for the Bat Cave to see QUEST FOR FIRE, this band is great live and really do their records proud, we really enjoyed them for a while in the sweaty packed out cave before we made our way to the Green room balcony for Year Of No Light who were droning, the drone went on like white noise and I was too restless for it. We greeted the main stage where we discovered Alcest sounding happy in bright blue light beaming from the massive stage, the air was cool, and their happy vibes made me smile. We headed to what we call ‘the cheap pub’ for a quick beer before Acid King, my most anticipated band of the weekend. Walking back to the 013 I heard a glimpse of the almighty guitar of Lori, my heart leapt and I ran ahead straight in to the front. The next hour of ACID KING was an ethereal heart pounding blur, this band was made for the main stage, the volume and tone droning with an all encompassing colossal energy, I was lost in the Busse Woods surrounded by tall grass and blue skies, crushed by the entrancing Silent Circle, they played a good mix including a new song which sounded amazing. What an experience, like that of their mind blowing 2007 performance, I’ll never forget it. The rest of the night became a blur of drunken wild enjoyment; I just remember head banging loads and enjoying the hell out of entire Blood Farmers, Pentagram and Count Raven, three of my most anticipated bands, what an honour to see all three, I loved every second and have a flashback of sheer incredible happiness for each, raving about Count Raven all the way home to much needed bed, my head full of Pentagram riffs and words, Count Raven and those unforgettable Blood Farmers vocals, what a rush, one of the best nights of my life!


On Friday I awoke early with a hangover having gotten so excited last night, tossed and turned all morning unable to sleep, my mind processing the awesome memories of yesturday. The first plan of the day was to see YEAR OF NO LIGHT and their soundtrack to VAMPYR. This was heavy atmospheric doom played to a 1932 German vampire horror. Well timed and really intense they complimented and enhanced the film perfectly; I was completely drawn in. I would love to see something like this at the fest again. I slumped hungover watching Circle/Pharaoh Overlord set up which was intriguing given the line of amps and mics, I didn’t feel up to moving for Place Of Skulls so stayed in my place alone on the high balcony waiting for the unexpected. The CIRCLE/PHARAOH OVELORD performance was genius and highly entertaining with their strange acts, dances and songs, this was one set I didn’t plan on seeing and ended up being really psyched about for the rest of the night, awesome! Next, TRAP THEM, one of my ‘must sees’ a quality band with many offerings of metal, really technically clever, fresh and original, relentlessly tight and with loads of energy, they definitely did not disappoint, I only wish I’d got there sooner as the room was packed tight. Next up, the mighty WINTER on the main stage, dismal black & white scenes of post war wreckage, bombed out buildings, blackened doom landscapes, castles and the jagged WINTER slowly growing outwards graced the screen, with the music, bleak, slow, heavy, sludgey, horrible sounding slow moaning string bends, pounding drums, really minimal but saying so much. I had to see WINTER out to the blackened apocalyptic end and afterwards quickly managed to catch BEAVER playing Absence Without Leave which was one song I’d really hoped to hear so was really psyched. CORROSION OF CONFORMITY was sounding a little thin and tinny and I wasn’t feeling it, I was never a big fan. So to the Midi we headed for Earth only to be met with a massive queue, seeing as this nearby venue is ‘one out – one in’ we knew we had no chance and so headed to the pub for a while. HOODED MENACE hailing from Finland, menaces indeed in their hoodies and shades, these guys had some killer riffs and crunchy monster vocals, the vocalist is an entertaining front guy, with Tombs Of The Blind Dead screening behind them, they seem to be having loads of fun and not taking themselves too seriously, but are seriously good. We decided to leave to catch a bit of Sunn0))) and entered the thick fogged out blue abyss that had once been the main stage, as we climbed the rocky mountain steps to the sound of thunderous sparse strums, I noticed closed eyes, smiling faces and people lying flat on their backs. With it being such a huge space to fill I don’t feel they reached their full volume potential and so the vibe was more peaceful and thoughtful than face meltingly horrific volume, although after a few minutes I could feel the vibrations weaken my muscles, my mind emptied and filled with blue fog. Next was Voivod, I didn’t know what to expect but we found a spot at the front and waited for ages as they set up, the Midi became increasingly packed around me and there was lots of excited babbling. As soon as Voivod started I had to leave, my mind just cannot process stuff like this, so repelled, I left my guys enjoying it and headed for the 013, gazing at the full silver moon in the black sky along the way. I found myself on the green room balcony discovering the wonder that is CASPAR BROTZMANN MASSAKER, this was really tripped out, texturous, psychedelia with repetitive trance like tribal drumming, really intense, the kind of stuff that can send you over the edge and have you hanging onto the floor as if it’s the ceiling, if your wasted enough. I sat down and closed my eyes, it was pretty late and I felt it. I’d seen someone lying down and decided to check them out, to my horror I couldn’t get him to wake up so went for help. The 013 staff were on it within seconds and reassured me that he was ok but I’d had a scare and had to leave and go sit down somewhere else, freaked out. I was now on a dark trip and not in the mood for my plan to see The Secret so reunited to cheer up with my guys at Voivod who were coming out raving about them excitedly, that theyd finished on Pink Floyd, everyone coming out of the Midi looked ecstatic and exhilarated. We went to the pub for a few beers before heading back to the hotel for poker with peanut m&ms as chips, the dogs faces on the back of the poker cards spun around and looked at me with a stern expression…..


Saturday I awoke to sunshine and hotel room beers, halfway through the fest and still so much ahead of us. First up, CANDLEMASS on the main stage, after a slow start to the day we walked in half way through the entire Epicus Doomicus Metallicus with the original vocalist Johan Längquist, im sure this must have been a real treat for Candlemass fans and I appreciated it as best as I could knowing this, but to me its kind of cheesy. I wandered off to see LONELY KAMEL in the Bat Cave, which was packed out, there was a party going on in here! People jumping around so happy, head banging, even a pit, a bunch of guys in front seemed to be total fans. These guys sounded a lot like Kyuss and Brant Bjork, and I struggled to hear originality, but what the hell I was down with it, a good atmosphere to start to the night off. The frontman was funny and engaging with the crowd and overall it was entertaining, very hot and very sweaty. Next was Weedeater on the main stage, they began with God Luck and Good Speed, Dixie stamping his foot and making a face like a madman. I was slightly disappointed with their sound as I’d expected it to be thicker, dirtier and fuzzier, although I was psyched to hear Monkey Junction it’s an old favourite of mine. We left after half an hour to secure a good spot for the much-anticipated EVOKEN in the green room. EVOKEN were intense, crushing, loud, grim and kind of terrifying, Begotten screening in the background in its entirety, an intense and punishing choice of visuals, I found myself cloaked in eery crushing heavy vibes and imagery, a truly disturbing combination, my mind was on the edge of turmoil the whole time. Their set was exhilarating but so heavy on the mind as well as the ears. We went for pizza and beer before the beautiful RAMESSES of our homeland. Every time I hear RAMESSES begin, I am taken back to that heady magic of old E.Wiz. The set was a bludgeoning rhythmic swaying magical trip of beautiful heaviness, the entrancing drums and the sparkling highs and blackened lows of the guitar like stars in the black night sky, Adam a wizard calling from the tops of misty jagged mountains with his wizardous wise old growl. The highlight for me was Black Domina, truly mesmerizing. Next we combined Shrinebuilder with a sit down n chill on the high balcony. It seemed like a muddy wash of sound with no strong direction or message, I could hear Wino come through at one point which was awesome but I could also hear the other guys, sounding like four separate entities doing their own thing and not really uniting with an impact. We had to leave for the likely queue at the Midi for Ufomammut who were due to start in half an hour but again were met with a massive queue which led round the corner, now I was gutted as I love this band with all I’ve got but there was no chance of us getting in, so we headed to the cheap pub, luckily I’d seen Ufomammut Eve live recently although I would have loved to have experienced it again. Later, we got to the Green Room early, pints at the ready to honour the final band of the last official night of Roadburn, THE GATES OF SLUMBER. Three Wizards of the DOOM RIFF! Riffs pure and true! The atmosphere was chilled out and happy, I was burned out and glad to be in a bubble of doom, I appreciated every awesome second and sleepily gulped my beer, truly honoured and inspired to be stood before, THE GATES OF SLUMBER!! As we were leaving we heard SWANS still going on the main stage, I hadn’t planned on seeing them and wasn’t sure what to expect. This was a real experience, so loud, and jagged in their structures and changes of direction, building up and then exploding, loads going on, loads of impact, I closed my eyes to swirling shapes and let them take my mind. We finished the night with the long walk home to bed, talking bands and crazy all the way, taking in the sights, the night air was really warm….



It’s the last day of Roadburn and I’m really happy, its been an amazing few days, the sun is shining warm and we have a final awesome line up ahead of us. Firstly the Netherlands own, SUNGRAZER, I had been excited about these guys having checked them out before the fest. They sounded a lot like Colour Haze live but this is psychedelic heavy stoner rock in its own right, really solid. I really enjoyed every second of these guys. Next up the legendary BLOOD FARMERS on the main stage, I had always planned on seeing both sets as it’s amazing to see them at all. They played a couple of new songs announcing that they’ve been writing which is great news, the new stuff sounded awesome and completely of the same vein. The visuals on the big screen were among the best of the weekend, lots of crazy shenanigans including naked witch orgy’s, witch torture and demented murders, from various films including Invasion Of The Blood Farmers, Devils Rain and I Drink Your Blood during which Eli looked round to see and then told us. I have enjoyed the hell out of his voice this weekend, more than I imagined. Seeing Blood Farmers has easily been one of the greatest things about Roadburn 2011 and they were greater than I could have imagined. Next on the main stage, COFFINS from Japan, fist clenchingly laden with chugging, crunching riffs of death, doom, sludge and thrash, like a metal assault on the senses they delivered slow doom crawls, death grunts, punch in the face chugs, and outbursts of thrashy speed. Overall completely awesome and inspiring. THE MACHINE were totally awesome at last years Afterburner and I had really been looking forward to seeing them again, this is a band fully capable of keeping the party going late fest when everyone’s starting to burn down, with their trippy jams, awesome grooves and a soft spot for sneaking in some entertaining covers, they have so much fun rocking out that they suck the crowd in too, its no wonder they were offered an hour and a half afterburner set, I enjoy the hell out of this band. Next in the green room was the mighty BLACK PYRAMID from the US. They woke me from my burned out haze with their massive riffs and massive volume, this was noticeably the loudest bass sound of the weekend and a welcome avalanche of fuzzy doom laden stoner riffage, heaviness and grooves, played with fury, determination, and the wizardous shouts of a warlord telling of tales and legends. The visuals were awesome too, bright trippyness, B.P.R.D and an array of fine horned monsters. Then it was time for the last band, SOURVEIN. We grabbed our last pints and raised them as they unleashed Bangleaf as the opener, which instantly set the mood for beer gulping, head banging, worship of amps, heaviness and volume. T-Roy was determined we would join them to party in the final hour as if it was the first, radiating energy as he bounced and shouted around the stage. At the end of the set he threw cans of beer into the crowd, one of which hit someone on the head, during the final song we saw the can fly back from the crowd straight at T-Roy who was pacing around like a boxer in the ring and launched it back with a punch! As we were making our way out of the 013 I realised Samsara Blues Experiment must have been pushing the curfew with one of their never ending psychedelic trips and true to my Roadburn rule “You’ve got to stay for the very last riff!” we squeezed onto the Green room balcony. Samsara vs Sourvein was my only real clash problem of the weekend and in hindsight I probably should have chosen Samsara Blues Experiment because this really is something special. They were caught up in a maelstrom of warm spacey blue and purple energy, swirling grooves, intense and bright, I wished I’d been there for the whole trip as I gazed in on the end of their journey. And then it was over. Roadburn 2011!!!!

Love to everyone who made it happen.

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