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 Post subject: NEW in Chrome Peeler Rec distro: doom / hardcore / crust
PostPosted: Fri Oct 13, 2023 9:42 am 

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NEW items in the Chrome Peeler Rec Distro @

DEER CREEK – “Menticide” CD ($12)
"Turn up, detune, doom out" Six tracks of doom riffs engorged with sludge and consummated with humid stoner dissonance. There is an edginess and slightly off-kilter feel to Deer Creek's doom that sets the band apart from many of their peers and it is something that cannot be easily translated into words, they are a band who utilize all the same tools as their stoner doom compadres: monolithic low slow heavy riffs and sedate pounding rhythms, but there is something different in how they use those tools to create their music. RIYL: Dozer, Solitude Aeturnus, Pentagram

NEGATIVE REACTION - "Orion Chronicles" CD ($12)
Limited edition of only 80 copies! Negative Reaction play extremely heavy and groove-laden stoner/doom metal with cues taken from artists such as Bongzilla, Sleep and Black Sabbath. Add a tinge of hopeless, depressing atmosphere, and you have a recipe for an utterly entrancing piece of music. Includes a hidden track cover of Hawkwind's 'Lords Of Light.'

NEVER KENEZZARD – “The Long And Grinding Road” CD ($12)
Genre-bending Psychedelic Doom. Equal parts Black Sabbath, Queens of the Stone Age, Mastodon and Voivod results in left-of-center stoner art rock fused with blistering heavy metal pushing into the more experimental corners of their psyche.

THE PATH - "Chaotic Good" CD ($12)
Top shelf fast hardcore band. Ferociously ripping through 11 tracks, THE PATH crafts a rare thing indeed: a truly emotional, honestly pissed-off record that never devolves into hand-wringing or that over-the-top facsimile anger some bands wave around. Fury oozes from their music. With the blitzkrieg onslaught of the rhythm section, whiplash-inducing guitar riffs and vocal howls, this record opens full throttle and never lets up. For fans of BLACK FLAG, KILL YOUR IDOLS

PESTIGOR – “Baptized in Pus” LP ($20)
Described as “bubonic hardcore,” this filth from Denmark is raw Metal-Punk, mixing Thrash-Metal and D-Beat for their apocalyptic sound. Fast drumming, distorted metal guitar riffs and echoing female vocals from the world's premiere Sacrilege-worship crust band. Riffs to snap your neck, velocity to get you in the air, and the horrid shrieks from hell to remind you that all your worst fears are real. Fit for both those with dreadlocks and those with battle vests. For fans of early Slayer, Bolt Thrower, Discharge.

RIG TIME! – “Reborn” CD ($12)
Noisy tones and ugly sentiment from this 2-piece. Entrenched in suppressing rage, bombastic drums spark an atmosphere created from feedback and disarray which is centered around voracious vocals and rugged riffs. Rig Time! conquer the grandiose metalcore/death metal sound by boldly infusing primal ferocity and solid reverence for groove. FFO: Harms Way, Xibalba, God’s Hate

THE THIRSTY GIANTS - "Infinite Monkey Theorem" CD ($12)
Cobain-flavored melodies meet primal psych-blues, served up raw and ungarnished. Operating at the dark, bad-drugs end of the spectrum, producing a potent, doomy grunge emulsifying the yawning bleakness in its polluted wake. A mix of danger and fragility, the malevolent gloomy sonic palette instigates the right kind of unease almost immediately. FFO: Mudhoney, The Wytches, Bleach-era Nirvana

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